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"See you later Rob, I'm off to have sex with your friends!"

Without Drowning
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"I'm off to have sex with Rob's friends!" (This is a joke, in case you're a luddite w/o humor.)

without drowning
r o b p a t t i n s o n & f r i e n d s.

Welcome to withoutdrowning, the largest and most respected multiple-ship inclusive community for the Brit Pack & Friends on LiveJournal!

withoutdrowning is a community for fans of:

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge, Andrew Garfield, Shannon Woodward, Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Eddie Redmayne, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Lizzy Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Fred MacPherson

(As well as Patty, Roost, and Jella)
Here you can post news, photos, fanfiction, fan art, icons, fanmixes, discussion posts, picspams... any fan media.

A proud part of the @TNPnetwork.

ten things to know about WD
f r e q u e n t l y   a s k e d   q u e s t i o n s .

#001 Your withoutdrowning mods are so_i_go (Hayley), lovepollution (Helen), charming (Lauren), rp_ks_lova (Talla), and kate_stew (Kate). If you have any suggestions, questions, or issues with this community, please do not PM us. Use the Page-A-Mod Post. We do care and are very active and want to hear your thoughts, but we get so many PMs that we won't be able to answer you if you send a PM. So please use the Page-A-Mod feature.

Two Nights of Productivity Network mods -- who should be treated the way you treat WD mods -- are mangobaby (Mary), windtrails (Sadie), and glycerineclown (Maggie). Respect them the way you would a mod, and if they tell you to do/not do something, please heed them.

#002 All posts are moderated. We cover PLENTY of people here. If by chance we don't feature the person you want to post about, I'm sure there's a community that does.

#003 If you are a member of comms that are based in calling any kind of shippers delusional, hate or "disapproval" communities for anyone featured at WD, or are known by the mods as someone who bashes in other communities, you won't be approved for membership and/or you will be removed as a member without warning.

"Shipping" does not mean "I think this relationship is or should be real." It means "I love both of these individuals and think it would be pretty if they made each other happy." WE DO NOT ALLOW THE BASHING OF ANY SHIP, and we do not allow anyone to be bashed for disbelieving in a ship. Certain pairings of our people inspire a lot of passion on both sides of the debate, and we do not tolerate negativity from anyone.
#004 We are not a "Robsten" community. We ARE an R/K community. The term "Robsten" has become something that encapsulates a state of mind regarding shipping, ire, bashing, and Twilight with which we STRONGLY disagree. As we are not a Twilight community and do not make or allow Twilight posts, we also do not tolerate the use of the term "Robsten," nor any "Robsten Shipper" traits, here. We are largely R/K shippers, which is very different. If you do not know the difference between Being A Robsten Shipper and shipping R/K, you will learn it very very quickly in this community.

#005 That said, we are a community of people in love with love. We are in love with the friendships that the boys of the Brit Pack have with each other, we are in love with the relationships they share with their significant others, we are in love with being in fangirly-lurve with these beautiful people. If you ship Shanndrew and hate R/K, as long as you don't bash, you are WELCOME. If you're staunchly Eddie/Tom, as long as you don't bash, you are WELCOME. If you are Hardcore R/K And Do Not Ever Want Anything Else Ever, then WELCOME, you will find friends here.

The whole basis of withoutdrowning is love and friendship, not shipping wars. That's the gist of it all.

#006 What is considered "bashing" is discretionary to the mods and maintainers. It's about common sense.

Basically, think of the internet as an office party. If you don't know someone well, don't go over and hit on their boyfriend or insult their tie. And respect your boss (ie, mods) even if they're standing on the table with a lampshade on their head. After you participate in WD more, you'll know more what the vibes here are and who is OK with what.

#007 If you don't like RPF, you can zip your lip and deal with it. And if you read a fanfic, COMMENT ON IT. And if you comment, NO BASHING.</b>

#008 In posting photos, there will be heavy, heavy mod discretion on what is and is not OK to post publicly, even in comments. The rule of thumb should be Facebook profile pictures -- if it's someone's default photo, they're OK with the public seeing it, so we are, too. Otherwise, it's really a case-by-case basis that depends on... frankly, if we know how you obtained the photo and the level of privacy of the event where it was taken. Also on any editing taken to the photo -- cropping out someone who is not WD-relevant is appropriate editing; lightening a dark photo so you can see a smudge of Tom in the background is kinda not.

s i t e s w e l o v e .

Two Nights of Productivity Network
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( apply here )

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